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hp pvc free wallpaper

hp pvc free wallpaper

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Hewlett Packard have recently launched a brand new PVC free and odour free wallpaper product - HP Ultra Smooth Wallpaper. This easy-to-install wallpaper also tears off easily and comes with an HP warranty for clean removal.

It's a flame retardant, strippable, pre-pasted wall paper with an ultra-smooth finish that provides vivid colour, high-definition detail for close viewing and an odour-free alternative to PVC for wall murals and creative designs.

This wallpaper is pre-pasted, you simply activate the glue with water and install. There’s no need to handle separate glues or adhesives, and no glue waste to deal with. You get strong adhesion, yet with this strippable wallpaper, removal is easy and clean. Plus the HP PVC free wallpaper printed with water-based HP Latex Inks meets the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for low-emitting products.

  • Easy-to-install wallpaper is pre-pasted, so just wet the backing and apply to the wall
  • Flame retardant - Class A approved fire certificate
  • Indoor display permanence of up to 20 years
  • Meets commercial wallcovering standards
  • Tears off easily and comes with an HP warranty for clean removal.

Bring an entire empty wall to life with HP Wall Art. Just pick a wall, create a design from scratch (or customize a premade one), and easily install it when your order arrives. This is not your grandmother’s wall paper. These are not murals; this is floor to ceiling WALL ART. The applications are limitless and the results, stunning!

If you are environmental/health conscious designer, here is some reassurance. Your custom HP Wall Art Wall is printed with inks and wall paper that are approved according to health-related environmental criteria.

Installation Video

See how easy HP PVC-free wall papers are to install and take down.